The installation Mapping on the small Island Ærø in Denmark has now become a permanent public work. The piece was part of an outdoor exhibition "Is It a Plane " during the summer 2014. Placed in the harbour of Søby, where the ferries arrive, a small waiting area has been supplemented with two wooden images. One of them shows the outline of the island and the waves. When being watched, the image merges with the sea and the sky. Next to it, a hand drawn map is placed. It is rich in details based on stories from personal experiences and folklore of the island. The map is inspired by the famous 16 th Century Carta Marina by Olaus Magnus. He was a Catholic bishop from Sweden, who drew his map of Scandinavia from memory during his exile to Rome after the Reformation. In a similar way, the map of Ærø is a mix of facts, imagination and personal recollection.

 Foto: Niels Christensen, Henning Guddal

 Foto: Niels Christensen, Henning Guddal.

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