I just spent 10 days in an artist residency on top of a hill in the small medieval village of Noepoli in the Basilicata area of Italy. There is not much to do in this remote village but lots of things happen….
The view over the valley changes every 5 minutes, a small car arrives twice a day to sell fresh vegetables, the locals chat and invites you in for a coffee and the sunset is a must see every evening at 20.15, and so the days passes quickly. It is a step back in time. The village is mostly populated by old people nowadays. 7 children were born this year. In the summer many of the villagers that have left comes back to visit family, many all the way from the US. This is the land of the Crusaders. They passed by or settled on their way to the holy land. The area is full of caves in the mountains that was used both for hermits or hiding places.

I spent my time at the residency contemplating, working on a new artist book and searching for images of the arch angel Sct. Michael for a ongoing project.

The village of  Noepoli

Every day life

The local press payed a visit, check the link out

The Arch Angel Michael fighting a female devil

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