Atlas of Large and Small Observations
TKM Bispegata
23.10. – 24.11.2013
Time passes, millions of years at the turn of a page. Crawling,
creeping, flying creatures move across the images that fill the
pages, telling stories not only of evolution, but of knowledge,
travel, and how we as viewers are shaped and re-shaped by a
continuous flow of information.
Cecilia Westerberg’s Atlas of Large and Small Observations (2013)
is a huge book, its large spreads filled with collages and drawings,
lying on a table and inviting the visitors to browse. Across the pages
move the contours of creatures, animals from the origin of time as
it seems, projected onto the pages from above.
Cecilia Westerberg’s ambitious bookwork originates from a stay in
Rome where she studied a collection of maps and old instruments
for land surveying, map-making and navigation. These tools for
creating and organising knowledge about geology, geography and
travel are some of the foundations for globalisation and the
subsequent informational revolution. They are recurring in the
book, as signs of information being amassed over time, but also
of how this process contributes to our increasing sense of
disorientation in an overwhelming ocean of data.
Trondheim Kunstmuseum
Edvard Munch & Atlas of Small and Large Observations

Atlas of Small and Large Observations

Animation projected on to artist book

Edvard Munch at Trondheim Kunstmuseum
Edvard Munch at Trondheim Kunstmuseum

Details from Trondheim

Details from Trondheim

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