Cecilia Westerberg presents a new book object
that combines collage, animation and drawings 
at The Danish Printmakers Association in Copenhagen.
The artist spent a month in October 2012 in 
Rome studying antique maps, scientific measuring
devices, the manuscripts of La Sphera and the 
audience chambers that these maps were made for.
By painting the walls green and hanging drawings 
of maps, compass rosettes and measuring instruments
used to gauge time and place through the ages on them, 
Westerberg attempts to recreate an audience chamber
with inspiration from the original rooms.  

The book object measures 70 x 50 centimeters 
and includes 16 spreads of original collages with 
drawings  on hand-colored paper. The book is 
an Atlas of Small and Large Observations that 
starts with outer space and moves onto world maps
through the ages. The Komodo dragon - the oldest, 
prehistoric animal plus land and sea maps are used 
as points of departure for more poetic spreads further on. 
This Atlas is considered a work-in-progress - 
one that can never be completed.

Westerberg works in an area rife with paradox. 
Never before have we had access to so much knowledge, 
yet our longing for coherence and an understanding of our
place in the world becomes ever more difficult for most of 
us to define. The need to create a book, an Atlas, where 
everything is recorded is an anachronism, an impossibility - 
yet nonetheless perhaps a fundamental need for the many 
that lives as project makers of today.


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