The National Museum of Iceland, Reykjavik.
20/10 -25/11 2012

Deserted farms intrigue us with their gloating windows.
Each house contains a story, many stories, interweaving and branching.

Who planted all that rhubarb in the yard?
Who lived there and where did they go? What was the weather like the day they left?
Who left a pair of neatly folded pants on the bed? And what is it with that doll?

Homecoming is a project run by KnitKnot, a small collective of artists and audio producers dedicated to knitting and knotting stories from threads of disappearing reality. 

The aim of the project was to visit three deserted farms in Iceland and try to conjure up images of the people who had lived there. 

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Recordings, interviews, editing and manuscript: Rikke Houd and Jón Hallur Stefánsson
Music and soundscapes: Ylva Nyberg Bentancor and Gustavo Bentancor
Vocal themes: Jón Hallur Stefánsson
Animations: Cecilia Westerberg
Mixing: Rikke Houd

Rikke Houd is a Danish Radio Documentary producer
Jón Hallur Stefánsson is an Icelandic novelist and songwriter and has a background as a radio producer
Ylva Byberg Bentancor is a Swedish composer
Gustavo Bentancor is a Swedish-Uruguayan bandoneon player
Cecilia Westerberg is a Danish visual artist 

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